A visual organiser
CardDesk is a web application that extends the functionality of Evernote to give you a visual organiser for your notes. With CardDesk your Evernote notes become "index cards" that can be layed out and arranged on any number of virtual desktops.
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Change History

20 February 2014

Bug fix - A number of users were experiencing issues with Cards not refreshing when changes were made in Evernote. This should now be resolved.

8 January 2014

New - Desktop zoom levels are now remembered and restored when visiting a Desktop.

7 January 2014

Performance Improvement - Speeded up desktop display and showing of Cards.
Bug Fix - Better display of long filenames in document links.
Bug Fix - Removed screen flash when displaying a desktop.

4 January 2014

Bug fix - Fixed Cards reappearing on Desktop after they have been deleted.

21 December 2013

Bug fix - Fixed note list not updating when editing and adding notes in Evernote.

19 December 2013

New - Support for Tags!
Bug fix - Card layering bug when Evernote web clipper enabled. Caused by web clipper hijacking the highest available z-index.

18 December 2013

New - Add text and a title when adding a new card.
Bug fix - Usernames and passwords are now correctly case-sensitive on log-in.

16 December 2013

Bug fix - Better handling of "Evernote Data Limit Exceeded" exception.
Bug fix - Evenote side-panel no shows and hides more reliably.
Bug fix - Scrolling of notes auto fetches additional notes more reliably.

14 December 2013

Bug fix - Fixed issue with "tiling" of Cards on a Desktop when using the Tile button.
New - Added 4 "flat" background colours for Desktops.